Hi, guys I want to share with you a great site that allows You to won some USD without any risk at all!

I using it for a few weeks but I want to perform a full withdrawal process to be 100% sure it is legit 🙂

The site is called: CryptoPick 


CryptoPick allows you to take a part in a few Games:

  • UP / DOWN – where you bet that BTC/USD or ETH/USD pairs will go UP or DOWN in a 1 hour, 1 day, or 1-week time frames
  • MOON / DOOM – you can choose which coin will go up or down the most in the future (in a 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, and 1-month time frames)

On those games, You Can win a platform coin – Pickies (You Can be bought for the new fancy avatar elements or tickets for tournaments). Also if You stake your ETH You Can win those too.

The best thing is for sure Tournaments section – from time to time a CryptoPick team creates a tournament where You Can win an ETH!

Awards are sponsored by the CryptoPick team and it is shared between players that best picks (eq. top 7 or 10 picks) And that is a way how I won 400 USD. I got 2 times place in the first top 10 where I earn about 70 USD. But yesterday I get 1st place in one of the tournaments and won 400,33 USD in ETH!

The most important question in the crypto world is: is it legit or a scam?

Well, I checked it for you and make a withdrawal 🙂

The minimum withdrawal amount is a 0.05 ETH and CryptoPick will take a few for that transfer (that is probably causing ETH gas price is insane right now)

I make a withdrawal request today and just a few hours later ETH was on my Atomic Wallet!

So yep it is 100% working and legit!

So guys to not make this post too long – I highly recommend You check CryptoPick yourself – You don’t risk anything and can earn quite a good amount of ETH. Also, that is great fun – the Leaderboards tab allows you to compare your skill with other players ( my nick is Otek ).

If you register using my link you will get 250 Pickies for free: https://cryptopick.net/i/F93bCHyR

So see you on CryptoPick


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