LEDGER.com 500$ USD+ Emails & 272k Full Info Orders

  File:   ledger.rar     size: 18.3 MB

Price: ~199.00 USD
LEDGER.com 500$ USD+ Emails & 272k Full Info Orders


Hello, this is the real Database data from the Community,

Today I have uploaded the Ledger.com Database for you to download for fee 199$ in BTC, thanks for reading and enjoy!

[Image: AIzkrWY.png]

In July 2020, Ledger suffered a data breach after a website vulnerability allowed threat actors to access customers’ contact details. The first confirmed price I saw for this database was 5 BTC. Someone bought it from another guy on one of the forums. Today you can get it for a Fee.

To clarify: I am not the owner of this DB neither a guy who first leaked it for a Fee on another forum so stop messaging me for any other DBs n shit.
Ledger you should be ashamed of the way you do business and handle user privacy.

Those motherfuckers were telling people with a target on their back in support requests that they were not affected in this data breach yet they actually were. So not only they lied about the amount of leaked information, they were still lying about it ever after. Reminder: bitcoin meant to increase privacy, but seems like one of the largest and “secure” bitcoin players don’t give a single fuck about the way they store data.

This leak contains 2 .TXT files.

1) 1.075.382 emails subscribed to the newsletter.
2) 272.853 orders with full info details (Email, Addresses, Phone Number).


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