AMLBot: The Ultimate Blockchain Analytics Tool for Risk-Scoring Crypto-Wallets and Transactions

A Comprehensive Guide to AMLBot – The Leading Blockchain Analytics Tool

Subhead: Protect Your Reputation and Assets with AMLBot’s Risk-Scoring of Crypto-Wallets and Transactions

Introduction: Founded since 2018, AMLBot quickly became the #1 end-user AML solution. Its mission in reality is to create a fair and transparent crypto market by making available to everyone tools to protect their reputation and assets. In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of following AMLBot, including its risk-scoring of crypto-wallets and transactions, streamlining finance business processes, and different plans designed to fit your business needs.

Streamlining Finance Business Processes with AMLBot: AMLBot offers software for checking wallets and transactions for the presence of risky digital assets. With the world’s best case coverage and access to industry-leading blockchain intelligence, AMLBot’s 12 checks provide a comprehensive solution for businesses to streamline their finance business processes.


API Integration: AMLBot’s API integration allows businesses to automatically check all incoming transactions and significantly reduce the required workload. The developers at AMLBot are always ready to help you seamlessly integrate their API into your service.

Different Plans Designed to Fit Your Business Needs: AMLBot offers different plans designed to fit your business needs. The Essential plan is perfect for starting businesses, while the Standard plan is ideal for growing businesses. The Premium plan offers the best value for larger businesses. Each plan comes with a different number of AML checks and priority support 24/7.


Assistance with Rescuing of Stolen Cryptocurrencies: In case of stolen cryptocurrencies, AMLBot’s team of experts will trace the route of your stolen funds and do everything within their power to help you recover it.

Accepting Crypto Payments from Anywhere in the World: another key point AMLBot assists businesses in accepting payments in cryptocurrency or making payments to their partners in cryptocurrency. They check these transactions, and you can rest assured that the assets are clean.

Helping Crypto

Helping Crypto Companies with Paperwork: shortly AMLBot’s team of specialists assist in crypto licensing procedures, opening bank accounts, and preparing policy and other required documents. Over 200 businesses have successfully complied with regulatory standards with AMLBot’s help.

Traction: In the three years of its activity, AMLBot has conducted over 2.5 million AML checks, served over 4.7k B2B clients, and over 209k B2C users. They were able to save clients from losses of $5,359,800 and found that 29% of wallets they checked were suspicious.

Conclusion: all things considered AMLBot is the leading blockchain analytics tool that allows for risk-scoring of crypto-wallets and transactions. Its comprehensive solution streamlines finance business processes, offers different plans designed to fit your business needs, and provides assistance with rescuing stolen cryptocurrencies, accepting crypto payments, and helping crypto companies with paperwork. With its impressive traction and commitment to creating a fair and transparent crypto market, AMLBot is a must-have tool for any business operating in the cryptocurrency space.


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