Unstoppable Domains are aimed at replacing the cryptocurrency address with readable names for citizens while providing an avenue for addressing internet censorship.

Unstoppable domains with many amazing features offer.zil domains.

Who are Unstop pable Domains?

Unstop pable is a company built on blockchains based in San Francisco. Draper Associates and Boost VC fund the organization and have received grants from the Ethereum Foundation and the Zilliqa Foundation.

Unstop pable territories make Internet surveillance and censorship-resistant.

Rather than relying on centralized networks to purchase and sell domain names (e.g., Namecheap or GoDaddy), Unstop pable domains use the Zilliqa Blockchain as a distributed process.

It gives immunity to censorship in registered domains as no state or individual can limit or remove access to that domain.

What is a Blockchain Domain?

Unless the data is stored on a database, a blockchain domain is like a .com or .org.

There are two things that normal domains can’t do with blockchain domains.

Simplify crypto transactions and build websites that are uncensorable.

Blockchain domains substitute the addresses of cryptocurrencies with readable names for humans.

Add all your addresses in one domain for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Now all you have to do is type your blockchain domain into your wallet and submit it.

It is possible to use the same blockchain domain for conventional websites.

These are not part of the traditional model of the website.

Alternatively, they’re called alternate roads.

Domains are stored just like a coin in your crypto wallet.

Without the private key, nobody can move them. In addition BUY BLOCKCHAIN DOMAIN

How much does a Blockchain Domain (.zil) cost?

Domain initial costs vary depending on popularity and demand.

All domains have a 2-year lifetime and a renewal fee would be paid upon expiration, but Unstop pable Domains claim this is contradictory In other words to their beliefs on blockchain and eliminated the fees.

It means you are the holder going forward once you buy a domain.

Tutorial on How to buy a Blockchain Domain through Unstop pable Domains

After signing up for Unstop pable Domains importantly follow the below steps to purchase your Blockchain Domain.

First – search for the domain you want.

Nest 2 – Add domain to cart

Finally– Enter payment details to purchase the domain.

Congratulations you now you have your own blockchain domain.

How we use Unstop pable Domains right now?

We use our blockchain domains mainly for personal transactions and use buy them as long term investments.

An importantly example of this would be the other day we purchase a number of fitness-related domains.

 In conclusion the idea behind this is that these fitness companies want these sorts of domains in the future.

For instance Click the link and get $10 off your first purchase worth $40 or more! BUY BLOCKCHAIN DOMAIN


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