Splinterlands is a collectible card crypto game with RPG elements on the STEEM and TRON blockchain. The concept is similar to the world-famous Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone, where you collect a collection of cards with various abilities and characteristics. One of the most popular applications on STEEM. Also known as Steem Monsters.

Next will be an article by one of the founders of the Russian-speaking community of Splinterlands – @xdark21.

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Team Splinterlands started planning and developing the next major expansion for the game. This will be a grandiose project that will bring the gameplay and skills component to a whole new level, and also offer new ways of participation and earnings for all types of players. The developers wanted to share plans with the community right now, although these ideas are still at a very early stage so that everyone has the opportunity to share ideas, plan ahead, hopefully really get inspired about the upcoming.

The current post is a translation into Russian of news from the official blog crypto games Splinterlands“A Glimpse Into the Next Splinterlands Expansion”.

Developer Warning: please keep in mind that this topic is in the early stages of planning and design, so everything here below can be changed before the release of the extension.

Items and Spells

Splinterlands, Steem Monsters

The extension will introduce two completely new types of cards into the game – Items and Spells. The developers assume that these cards work in this way: at the beginning of the battle, players will be allocated two pools of mana. One for selecting Summoner / Monsters, and the other for items and spells. After both players have chosen their own teams, as well as both teams laid out on the battlefield, both players will have the opportunity to supply their monsters with item cards and/or play spell cards using the second supply of mana. The battle begins after both teams select items and spells.

This will add a huge amount of additional depth and skills to the game, as players will have to quickly analyze the battlefield and choose which Items and Spells to use in order to turn the battle in their favor, as well as try to predict which opponents will decide to use.

Items and spells can have all kinds of different effects in a battle, such as increasing or decreasing monster stats, removing or adding abilities, switching monster positions, and much, much more. The possibilities are endless.

We plan that Item and Spell cards can be combined together to increase their level, similarly to the cards of Monsters and Summoners. And, in addition to the effects, many of them will also have an indicator of “longevity” or “duration” (this will determine how long they will last during the battle).

Crafting (Manufacturing)

No matter how good the new cards of Items and Spells for the gameplay, but the developers believe that the mechanism for creating new cards is potentially even more exciting. Instead of being sold (to set distribution) in the form of boosters (as it is used for existing cards), Item and Spell cards will be created exclusively through a new crafting system added to the game.

For all players, a basic set of “ghostly” items and spells of the 1st level will be available, just as it is currently used for new and new Monster and Summoner cards; but anyone, in addition to this, can either create them or buy them in the market (from other players).

Splinterlands will not sell these new Item and Spell cards directly; instead, players will have to fully create them. This will allow players to effectively create enterprises in the game for the production of certain types of items and spell cards (for sale to other players).


Splinterlands, Steem Monsters

In order to be able to create cards of Items and Spells, you must have land on which you can build various buildings. Splinterlands will sell the land (more on this later) and distribute the land on which the owners can build buildings for the purpose of making maps.

Developers suggest many different types of land that are suitable for different types of buildings or production. There may be land that is rich in certain resources; and can be mined, collected, processed (or maybe even called upon); plain land that is well suited to item factories or spellcasting; and even land that is awash with monsters that can be hunted for valuable prey.

Individual plots of land can also have unique bonus attributes that make them more or less desirable. For example, one site may have a 50% bonus on the extraction of a certain resource, while another may give a 20% reduction in the cost of building and maintaining buildings.

“Documents” on land will be transmitted by NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), which can be traded on the market, just like current cards Splinterlands; and the various resources that can be found or produced will be transferable, interchangeable tokens, such as Dark Energy Crystals (DEC).

The buildings

Splinterlands, Steem Monsters

The purpose of owning a land plot is to build a building on it. Buildings will require certain resources and time for construction, modernization, and maintenance. The developers plan that the buildings start small and can be modernized, which will give various advantages depending on the type of building, such as increasing production, reducing costs or increasing the chances of producing rarer items and spells.

Buildings cannot be moved from the land on which they are built, although they can be destroyed, which probably compensates for some resources. If a piece of land is sold, then it will include any building built on it (just like when a piece of land is sold in real life); therefore, buildings can be considered as improvements or upgrades of land, which can increase their value.

In addition, we assume that players will be able to rent their buildings for a fee. For example, if you have a high-level building that can create certain types of Items or Spell Cards, you can allow someone else who has the resources to use your building for their own production for some bribe. It will take time to create items and spells, so the developers suggest a market where players can see which buildings are available for use and at what prices.


While buildings in which new Item and Spell cards can be created will require land and new resources, the actual production of cards will require a new type of item, which the developers conditionally call Shards.

The plan is that the Shards will be received as a result of battles. These battles may include regular play in the ranked season, boss fights, guild wars, and monster battles in new dungeons that will exist in certain places controlled by players and/or the game. Shards will also be available as prizes in quest chests and season rewards. Obtaining Shards from battles will allow players who are not interested in owning land and creating part of the expansion to continue to participate in the crafting economy.

We assume that the Shards will have the same rarity levels as the current cards, as well as versions with a gold foil. The various rarities and foils of the Shards can then be used to create Items and Spells, and they will greatly affect the rarity and foil of the cards created.

We plan to use Gold Foil cards or older editions (alpha/beta/promo) in ranked battles to reward a large number of shards and/or increase the chances of higher rarity and/or gold shards. The goal is to add value and benefit to Gold cards and cards from older issues (in addition to the current DEC bonuses).

Land sale

The developers plan to pre-sell the gaming sites, which are likely to happen somewhere in the second quarter of this year. Presale will take place long before the expansion really takes effect, and the proceeds will be used to finance everything that is described above.

The amount of land available during pre-sale will be limited and will likely have a significant discount on the price that may be sold in the future and/or will have more or more frequent bonus attributes to stimulate and reward players for an early purchase.

As in the case of booster packs and other items in the game store, DEC can be used to purchase land and will be valued at least $ 0,001 or 1000 DEC for 1 US dollar.

Get DEC at a discount!

And the developers once again want to remind everyone that DEC is currently selling at a significant discount compared to the official peg at a price of $ 0,001 in the markets Steem engine и in trontra! Therefore, anyone who is interested in participating in the pre-sale of land can collect and hold a certain amount of cheap DEC in order to then buy land at a huge discount to the declared price after the start of the pre-sale.

Splinterlands, Steem Monsters

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