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Time is moving by incredibly fast this year and we have already reached the end of March. Not only does that mean it is once again my favorite time of the month, but it also means that we are already 25% finished with 2023.  At the end of each month, I calculate my earnings in crypto.  This is part of an ongoing series chronicling my journey toward hopefully reaching financial freedom.  As always, I don’t share these earnings to brag, but for two main purposes. The first is that tracking my results and progress, it helps to keep me motivated. The other reason is that I hope it will help motivate people reading my article to begin their journey toward reaching financial freedom. After all, if I can do it, anyone can.

March was an exciting time to be investing in crypto. While the banking world was seemingly collapsing all around us, Bitcoin responded very well during this crisis.  Moving from $19k, all the way to $28k. While the price recovery was nice, the return of hope in the market was even better.  I believe this price resurgence also could bring a lot more attention back into crypto markets, which could give a boost to my blogging performance in the future. The goal that I have set is to earn $2,000 per month from crypto-related ventures.  While I have yet to achieve this goal on a consistent basis. It is still what I’m striving for.

This month was a spectacular month in terms of earnings largely due to only one factor. The Arbitrum airdrop, which I was very fortunate to receive.  This actually allowed me to surpass my monthly earnings goal with this alone.  But these types of airdrops don’t happen on a consistent basis, so I can’t depend on them.  Other than the airdrop my earnings consisted of two key components.  Writing about cryptocurrency, and also staking.  As always, I’m on the lookout for ways to continue building my earning avenues or finding a new third pillar.

Without further delay, let’s look at my performance during March.

Cryptocurrency Blogging




As always, Publish remains to be my most consistent earner.  The community is great here, and nearly everyone wants to learn and is happy to read each person’s opinion.  It’s a great place to read, write and earn crypto. Recently something I have come to appreciate greatly here is that there are very few spam comments on articles.  This has been a widespread problem that I have begun to encounter on other platforms such as Medium.


As of writing this article, I have now reached 7,522 followers on Publish0x.  Thank you all for your support and for reading my articles.  I’m gradually inching closer to my next goal of reaching 8,000 followers and hope to reach that before summer hits  Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my articles and follow my blog.

Publish0x Total = $70.18


Hive / LeoFinance Crypto 

For the first time in what seems like forever, my earnings have begun to rise on Hive.  It’s still nowhere near what I was earning here during the last bull cycle, but I’m happy to see things beginning to improve.  I’m hoping to see even more improvement next month.

Hive = $55.22 LeoFinance  =  $5.45

Combined Total = $60.67


Substack Crypto

I was very glad to see a few more paying members here on Substack.  I post my articles first on Substack or Medium. If you want to read my content early, those are the best places to catch it.

Substack Total = $70



My earnings on Medium saw a slight dip compared to the personal record I set here last month. But they are still very solid numbers in my opinion.  The key thing that makes me excited here is that I am seeing my earnings rise even when an article doesn’t go viral.  My foundation is becoming stronger.  I actually much prefer steady earnings that I can count on compared to volatile up/down earnings that I can’t depend on.  I’m very excited about the future potential here on Medium.  I touched on this slightly in the Publish0x section above, but recently there have been a lot of issues with spam comments on my Medium posts. It has been a job in itself, of trying to keep scammers off of my articles.

Medium Total = $580

Freelance Writing Crypto 

Unfortunately, there were no freelance writing opportunities this month.

Freelance Writing Total = $0

Cryptocurrency Blogging Total = $780.085

Crypto Staking



0.0275134 ETH = $48.14

I continue to stake a portion of my Ethereum on Kraken to earn a weekly interest rate. Recently Kraken has stopped all staking services on their exchange for US citizens.  I can continue earning with my ETH there until the Shanghai update implements staking withdrawals.  This means that when my ETH is finally unlocked, I will need to decide where to stake my Ethereum.

Kraken Total = $48.14


Internet Computer (ICP) Crypto 

I continue to stake ICP on the network’s NNS app.  Staking here is a little different compared to most staking.  Dfinity calls ICP a “proof of useful work” chain, which pays you interest by staking your coins and using the governance power to vote on blockchain-related issues.  If you don’t vote or delegate your votes, you won’t earn anything.  It’s very easy to delegate, but I like to vote by myself because I find the process fun. Recently the price of ICP has been falling like a rock, but I still think it has great potential once this market begins to settle down.

ICP Total Earned = 3.70 ICP = $18.31


Crypto Lending & Staking Total = $66.45



Coinbase Earn Crypto 


Coinbase Earn Total = $0



My SWEAT token airdrop continued to be gradually unlocked which I promptly sold off for more BTC.  While it is free money and I can’t complain, I am still disappointed with how quickly this coin has dropped in value.

SWEAT – $4 (unlocked)


My big break during March was receiving the Arbitrum airdrop.  This was an airdrop that I had been waiting nearly 2 years for, after doing my initial airdrop farming.  While the number of tokens I received wasn’t the largest amount that I have seen. It is free money that I was very glad to receive. I haven’t decided if I will sell or hold onto the tokens yet. For now, I’m taking the wait-and-see approach.  Normally I sell off my airdrops as soon as I receive them, but Arbitrum is the largest ETH layer 2 and has a lot of potential.

Arbitrum = 2,500 = $3,500

Airdrops Total = $3,504

Miscellaneous Total = $3,504

Total March Earnings = $4,351.30

Medium Substack  Hive  LeoFinance Cryptocurrency Blogging

Overall, I’m very satisfied with how March turned out.  The Arbitrum airdrop really turned it into a fantastic month, but I would have been satisfied with the numbers even excluding it. Medium continues to be a big earner for me and I’m interested to see how my performance will increase as the market continues to recover. Publish0x continues to exceed my expectations each month as well. I continue to miss the large earnings I was making from lending out crypto to 3rd parties previously, but I do greatly appreciate the piece of mind that taking self-custody provides me. I’m excited to keep working hard and see what happens next month in April.

How about you? What have you been doing to earn crypto income?

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