Why it’s hot: RAISON is a unique platform to manage personal finance and investments using digital assets. This way, the company makes financial management, which is intriguing and time-consuming quite simple and easy. The raison platform invests in products associated with blockchain technology to let users analyze their financial state and pay for purchases with virtual cards.

The startup uses AI algorithms to achieve its goal.
the app lets you invest in private equity and pre-IPO companies from €100, buy or sell crypto, and more. Use the code «4TY2T0» or the link raison.ai/?invite=4TY2T0, register, and top-up your account by €50 to get a €5 bonus!

Invest in SpaceX from 100 EUR before they go public. Raison app is happy to present to you one of the most interesting ways of making money — investments in private equity and pre-IPO companies.


All in one Investment tool

RAISON is the platform for handling investments and personal finance, which employs Artificial Intelligence algorithms and offers simplicity, enhanced usability, and wide investment opportunities, among other things, in blockchain-related products. The platform allows analyzing your own financial situation and using the application in everyday life — for example, to pay for shopping with bitcoins using a virtual Apple Pay card or jointly settle bills for lunch. We have integrated all financial environments of a customer into a single app. To sum up – RAISON combines the fiat and crypto world in a single regulated easy-to-use platform.


What’s the main advantage of owning USPX tokens as opposed to buying actual SpaceX shares?

The main advantage is that as an average investor, you have no chance of getting a hold of SpaceX stock at all. It’s not a public company, and it’s not traded on the NYSE, NASDAQ, etc. So the only time it sells its stock is during investment rounds. For example, in 2019, SpaceX did three rounds of funding and raised about $1.3 billion in total. Once a round is completed, you can buy shares on the secondary market – that is, from the shares’ current owners.

But even if you find some stock on sale, the required investment is at least $50,000 and is more likely to be $250,000 or higher, with lots of paperwork involved. So USPX is the only chance for individual investors to get access to SpaceX shares.



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