PublishOX is a crypto powered blogging platform that anyone can join to earn cryptocurrency. The company gives you tokens to use for tipping the writers or to keep for yourself for reading the content on the site. The platform is a crypto agnostic publishing platform that is very similar to Medium. On this platform, both the author and the reader earn cryptocurrencies from the site. You don’t need to be an author on the site in order to earn cryptocurrency. The site gives you a tip in your account. It is up to you to decide how much of the tip you will give to the author for writing the article and how much you’ll keep for yourself when you read the article. If you want to become a blogger for PublishOX it is a bit more difficult. Authors on the site have to apply to become a writer. You will need to write up a sample post for the company to review. All posts are about crypto and this is important that you write an article about crypto. If accepted, you will be notified by the site. The site also has the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency when you become a PaperDrips Ambassador.

How Does it Work?

  1. You need to create an account on the website in order to earn cryptocurrency.
  2. The registration is free and you can either sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account.
  3. Choose which option you want to use.
  4. If you use your Facebook account, you will receive a notification that PublishOx has all your profile information. Just click the accept button.
  5. You are now redirected to the signup page where you will need to complete the signup process.
  6. You will need to choose a username, enter your email address, choose your profile URL, and give a brief description of yourself. You will need to upload your avatar that will be displayed on the site.
  7. After completing the form you can now visit your dashboard.
  8. At this point, the site will send you an email. You must confirm your email address before you can continue.
  9. Once the email address has been confirmed, your dashboard will open up.
  10. Here you will see the different options on the dashboard. The dashboard tells you how much you’ve earned and kept track of your cryptocurrency.

How To Become An Author:

  1. If you are interested in creating your own blog and becoming an author, it is necessary that you apply for this position.
  2. Click on Become An Author button on your dashboard.
  3. You have a basic form to fill out. Complete the form and submit it for approval.
  4. The application process normally takes 24-hours to complete.
  5. Once approved, you can start writing your articles to post on the site.
  6. When a person reads your article they will give you a tip.
  7. The amount of tips you earn is determined by the person who has read your article.
  8. The person can give you a percentage of the tip or the full tip.
  9. Most people who read the articles on the site keep a portion of the tip for their time.
  10. The tips are given to the people who read the articles on the site. They will read your article and apply a percentage of the tip to your account. If the person decides to split the tip with you both parties earn $0.01. This is the average earning depending on the conversion rate.

How To Earn Money Reading Articles:

  1. Some people just hate to write and would prefer to just read the content on the site.
  2. Each time you read an article on the site, you can earn cryptocurrency for your time.
  3. After reading the article you have the option to tip the writer.
  4. There is a sliding scale at the end of the article and you decide how much you want to give the person for writing this article and how much you keep for yourself.
  5. Hit the tip button and tip the author and the rest of the trip will be given to you for reading the article.
  6. There is no time frame on the site for the number of articles you read. However, there is a time frame for the tip button. If you tip a person a timer is set. You can not tip another author for 24 minutes or until the timer resets. Basically, you can only earn cryptocurrency for reading 2 articles an hour.
  7. The amount of money you earn depends on the percentage of the tip you give to the author.

How To Earn Crypto Currency As An Ambassador:

  1. On the dashboard click on your name. A drop-down menu will appear. Select become an ambassador.
  2. The ambassador page opens. Here you can find your link that is easy to share with your friend, on any social media site, or even on your own website or blog.
  3. If a person clicks on your link and joins the site, you will earn 5% of every tip they generate for the lifetime of their account. The tips include the amount of money they give to the author and keep for themselves.
  4. Post information about the site on any social media platform.
  5. Make sure you use the ambassador link when you post on these sites.
  6. If a person clicks on your link and joins the site, you will earn a referral bonus for the lifetime of their account.
  7. This is a great way to increase the earnings you receive from the site.

How Are You Paid?

  1. In order to cash out or be paid, you need three accounts with the PublishOx.
  2. The first account is your PublishOx account.
  3. The second account is your hot wallet. This needs to be an Ethereum-based wallet that you can put your Ethereum-based token in. The site allows you to choose to use MetaMask which is a Chrome browser extension or you can use MyCrypto.
  4. It is a good idea to use MetaMask because their wallets can be opened with a phone app called Cipher.
  5. You now need to belong to an exchange that allows you to withdraw your funds to an Ethereum wallet. It is advised to use Uniswap or Bancor Network to swap your rewards. Keep in mind that any exchange will accept Ethereum for cashing out.
  6. Make sure you write down the 12 to 24 seed words that are given to you in cryptocurrency on a piece of paper. Never lose the paper, otherwise, you will lose the ability to gain access to your funds.
  7. The last account you need is an exchange that supports fiat withdrawals. It is advised to use an EU-based person such as Bitpanda or Coinbase.
  8. On the setting tab, you’ll need to add your Wallet for your Ethereum Address. Make sure the address is 100% correct if you want to be paid. If the address is not correct, there is no way to retrieve your money.
  9. When you check out the company asks if the address is correct. Make sure you look at this before hitting the button.
  10. Go back to the dashboard and hit the payment button.
  11. Choose the coins you wish to cash out.
  12. Cash-out the coins. Every Monday the accounts are processed.
  13. Each Tuesday you can see the token you have withdrawn in your MetaMask account.
  14. Now hit the MetaMask send button to move the funds to your preferred fiat gateway.
  15. Login to the exchange and request a withdrawal to your bank account.


This is an excellent site to work and pays people every Monday. You will need to request your payment and make sure you have all the appropriate accounts to withdraw your funds. The company pays in cryptocurrency and if you already have cryptocurrency accounts or wallets it is easy to withdraw your funds from the site. You have 3 potential options to earn cryptocurrencies from the site. You can become a writer, read the posts on the site, and share the link with your friends or family. If you don’t like to write blog posts, don’t worry, you can still earn cryptocurrency by reading what other people write. Furthermore, the more people who sign up on the site using your referral link, the more cryptocurrency you can earn. If you write for the site or just read the posts on the site, it is basically a passive income site to help you earn a few cryptocurrencies each month. Join the site today and start earning your own cryptocurrency.


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