Venom Potential Airdrop ✔️

The Venom Foundation is an innovative layer-0 blockchain platform that envisions a decentralized global economy powered by blockchain-based financial systems. Emerging as a new player in the financial app chain space, Venom Foundation offers real-world assets (RWA) with unmatched transparency through blockchain technology.Venom Potential Airdrop

Fully regulated by financial authorities in Abu Dhabi, Venom Foundation’s architecture is Venom Potential Airdrop centred around a modular blockchain built on its proprietary Threaded Virtual Machine (TVM). This unique approach enables the execution of smart contracts through an asynchronous communication model and dynamic sharding.

Unlike traditional EVM-based networks, Venom blockchain is designed to handle interactions between accounts more effectively, after all allowing for enhanced parallelism and reduced delays. During periods of high network loads, validators dynamically divide into parallel groups and process transactions through “split events.” This innovative approach ensures smooth and efficient operation of the network, even during peak demand. With a mission to serve as the infrastructure for the next generation of digital services and products, Venom Foundation is poised to revolutionize the world of decentralized finance.


???? Funding:

Venom Foundation has joined forces with investment manager Iceberg Capital to launch a groundbreaking venture fund called Venom Ventures Fund (VVF), with a total capital of $1 billion.

VVF is a blockchain-agnostic fund that will strategically invest in pre-seed to Series A rounds for web3 protocols and decentralized applications (dApps) that are focused on emerging trends such as payments, asset management, decentralized finance (DeFi), banking services, and GameFi. This partnership aims to drive innovation and growth in the blockchain industry by supporting promising projects at their early stages of development.


???? Token:

Venom’s native token $VENOM is confirmed. It will be utilized for paying transactions and supporting the network’s maintenance and validators’ compensation. Moreover, $VENOM plays a critical role in securing the network through a proof-of-stake mechanism, and it allows participants to support validators through DePools staking.

– View on Coinmarketcap

– View on Venom doc file

In contrast to having a fixed maximum supply, the $VENOM token operates under an inflationary model, with an estimated annual inflation rate of 1%,another key point as stated in the following whitepaper. However, the Venom Foundation is actively exploring options to transition to a deflationary model in the future.


???? How to participate?

– Install Venom Wallet

– Claim faucet

– Claim NFTs by completing tasks


⚡️ Install Venom Wallet:

Install and set up your Venom wallet extension. Also If you’re using an Android mobile, use Kiwi browser.

Download and setup: Link

⚡️ Claim faucet:

– Go to:

– Complete the following tasks and claim $VENOM testnet faucet


Venom Potential Airdrop

⚡️ Claim NFTs by completing tasks:

Now complete all the following tasks one by one and claim all the available similarly NFTs.

The tasks include:

– Sending $VENOM token

– Using DEX on Venom

– Staking

– Bridging

– Trading NFTs etc.

Venom Potential Airdrop

Just complete the tasks > Verify > Mint NFT


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Venom Potential Airdrop

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