The upcoming Bitcoin halving has a lot of crypto observers keeping an eye on the cryptocurrency markets. However, the well-known crypto analyst “PlanB”, who recently said Bitcoin could hit $288,000 according to a stock-to-flow interpretation, says he will disappear from social media if he is proven right.

PlanB predicts Bitcoin could surge to $288,000 post-halving

Specifically, PlanB’s stock-to-flow model, which Toshi Times previously wrote about, is known as the “S2FX model”. Stock-to-flow models attempt to calculate the future value of an asset according to their ongoing supply.

The 2020 Bitcoin halving, due in less than a week, will effectively cut the supply of fresh Bitcoins in half. This has crypto analysts believing that the price of the premier cryptocurrency could soon rocket. Furthermore, past halving events had a decidedly positive impact on Bitcoin prices.

PlanB’s novel S2FX model, which takes other asset classes than just Bitcoin into account, suggests an average $288,000 Bitcoin price. If true, this would require another massive cryptocurrency rally of historic proportions.

Six-figure Bitcoin “could lead to war”

Furthermore, it now seems PlanB is taking precautions for the potentially disruptive effects of this. Appearing on the latest edition of the Stephan Livera podcast, PlanB warns of the massive impact of such a rally.

His comments relate to the disruptive effects of a cryptocurrency usurping the US dollar as the de facto world currency. In fact, PlanB suggests a Bitcoin bull run of these proportions could even lead to war:

“It will be nasty. It will maybe [be] war. People have Bitcoins, some people don’t have Bitcoin, it’ll be some countries have Bitcoins, some won’t have Bitcoins, it will be the US dollar losing its reserve status, it will be geopolitical, it will be military.”

PlanB: “I will go dark if successful”

Moreover, PlanB does not claim to have any plans to bask in the glory of accurately predicting Bitcoin’s price surge if he ends up being correct. Instead, “I will go dark if the model is successful because if the [S2FX] model is successful, it will not be a pretty picture,” PlanB said.

However, if he is ultimately incorrect in his price prediction, he will stick around. Consequently, those who enjoy PlanB’s social media presence should hope that his S2FX predictions are wrong. “[If] that’s not the case, I’ll stay then – because we’ll need a different model,” PlanB said in the podcast.


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