Apple finally approved Uniswap’s mobile wallet app,WEB3 GOES MOBILE

It was Thursday evening, I was a couple cocktails deep at Happy Hour, when the Milk Man texted me:

Milk Man: “Yoooo, Uniswap just broke out of Apple jail”

Me: “What?”

Milk Man: “Yeah, you can download Uniswap’s mobile wallet app on iOS now”

Me: “Ah, solid”

Milk Man: “Right?! Same day that Solana dropped its crypto phone too, what a time to be alive”

I ordered a third drink to celebrate. Why? Because the more mobile crypto gets, the more everyone can interact with the space.

That’s a win in our book. *mass adoption intensifies*

Let’s dig into each new launch.

1/ Solana’s new $1K phone (it’s called Saga)

Solana is a blockchain with a popular token (SOL) that has an $8B market cap. So it launching a crypto phone is a BFD.

  • You can store your seed phrase on the phone. It stays separate from the Android OS, & you can protect it via a fingerprint scan.
  • The seed phrase connects to the dApps you download so you can approve transactions instantly. Kinda like Apple Pay for Web3.
  • It’ll have a dApp Store for Web3 apps. It won’t be as restricting as Apple’s – no 30% cuts or harsh rules here.

Think of it like a meat lover’s pizza: your fav meats are already baked in.

So is this thing legit? We don’t know yet.

We do know crypto phones haven’t done great in the past (HTC has made a few.) One reason is, they target such a niche market.

Crypto diehards might use this as a secondary device; not their primary phone. That’s not helpful when a new smartphone has to compete against Apple, Google, & Samsung.

Don’t tell that to Solana though; it wants Saga to be the only phone people use.

Solana’s over here dreamin’ big.

2/ Apple finally approved Uniswap’s mobile wallet app

So first, what’s this Apple & Uniswap beef?

Apple rejected Uniswap, without an explanation, when it tried launching its mobile app on the App Store in March.

It instead let Uniswap roll the app out to ~10K people via its testing platform (i.e. jail.)

You’d think a company that hid the Bitcoin whitepaper in its Macs for 5 years would be less stingy…

Who knows what made Apple change its mind. But Uniswap’s mobile wallet app is now officially listed on its App Store. (Lookin’ #fresh af, I might add.)

Traders can use it to:

  • Buy crypto using fiat
  • Swap (exchange a token for another) on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, & Optimism
  • Monitor NFT prices (you can’t trade them though)

Why do we care? Uniswap is a DeFi giant with a major decentralized exchange and $4.26B in total value locked (TVL.)

And now it has a mobile wallet – i.e. a new fighter has entered the ring.

Watch out Metamask & Coinbase.


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