The Importance of Timing and Analysis in Hash Wars

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War teaches us to rely on our own readiness to receive the enemy, rather than on the chance of them not attacking. This is especially relevant to Martian revolutionaries, who have two advantages to maximize before engaging in hash wars.
The Importance of Timing and Analysis in Hash Wars

The first advantage of Timing

The first advantage is Earth’s hash horizon, which prevented Martian miners from mining bitcoin. However, this also serves as a bulwark against attacks from Terran miners. Secondly, most Terran miners will prefer to mine bitcoin rather than use their hash rate to attack Muskcoin, making it necessary for Martian revolutionaries to time their launch strategically.

Terran adversaries and Analysis in Hash Wars

To determine their relative hashrate against Terran adversaries, smart Martian revolutionaries will perform simulations like the one shown below. The plot shows the defensibility of a new blockchain given various distances between defenders and attackers, as well as their relative hash rate.The Importance of Timing and Analysis in Hash Wars

The Law of Hash

The Law of Hash Horizons states that being in the minority at a distance confers a mining disadvantage, and this is evident in the curve for Mars’ distance. Even though the attacker/defender hash rate is evenly split, Martian’s hash horizon maintains a slight initial advantage. The further a new blockchain launches from its potential attackers, the less relative hash rate is needed to defend it.

Martian revolutionaries

To further increase their chances of success, Martian revolutionaries will perform more realistic simulations and employ other techniques. By timing their launch and analyzing their relative hashrate, they can make their position unassailable and emerge victorious in hash wars.


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